How to Switch Twitter Dark Mode?

Individuals spend a lot of time on Twitter and Instagram applications, and their eyes may be tired late at night. Considering this and valuing its users, the Twitter team and the Instagram team have brought a dart mode feature to the site.

So, how to switch Twitter dark mode?

First, you must log in to Twitter.

Then you need to click on your profile photo in the upper left.

A new window will open for you here. At the bottom of the new window that opens, there is a button in the form of Dark Mode.

You can switch to Light Mode by activating it and inactivating Dark Mode.

If you do not want to switch between these modes continuously day and night, you can turn on the “Automatically dark mode” section at the bottom.

In this way, Dark Mode will be turned on automatically at night and Light Mode during the day.

If you use the Twitter this much, you may consider to be an influencer.


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